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About Jazelle

     Song Crafter,
          Chicken Advocate

Creative Bliss

I am fortunate that throughout this journey of life I have been able to make art, music and hang out with chickens! Skyfeather Studio online portfolio is a representation of the many forms of visual art I've experimented with along with my handlettering samples. Some of my other interests include, meditation, storytelling, book arts, publishing, letterpress, gardening, exploring historical sites and museums, staying upright on my motorcycle, and relaxing in the hammock contemplating the clouds.


I am grateful to be a cancer survivor. Without the kindness and generosity of my community during that life challenge this website would not have been made.


My songs and music can be found at


I have rescued roosters, ex-battery hens and doves at my self-funded bird sanctuary called "Roostersong". More about them can be found on my blog


Now enough about me: Go and make some art (or hire me to make some for you!).


Thank you for stopping by.

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