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Art Vend-O-Matic

Mechanical contraptions have always held fascination for me. Once upon a time I was traipsing with some friends through Haight Ashbury in San Francisco intent on adventure. We came upon an old ice cream vending machine set up on the sidewalk in front of a shop. The machine was old, a bit rusty and no longer vended any frozen treats. A hand written sign attached to the front of it read: "Original Artwork, Only 25¢". Who could resist? We all fished out our quarters and became entranced by the fanciful contents dispensed into our eager hands. Years later recalling that whimsical experience I searched for small vending machines online. I found a vintage post office stamp machine and transformed it into a mini "Art Vendo-O-Matic"! Setting to work with making tiny stamp-size creations, I filled the machine with "Critters", "Words" (of inspiration) and tiny "Collages". To this day it provides amusement for the visitors to my home, a continuing testament to a bit of sidewalk magic experienced years ago... and hey, the price is still a bargain!


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